Assignment #9

Images continued

For the first 4 images, make the edits and upload the NEW edited version to your website, just like they are placed on this page.

Next, be Creative! The next 5 images are up to you. Each photo should combine several tools and features used to create the finished product. For these five you are to use a different image editing program for each. 

  • Use a different photo for each and a different tool from the program/extension for each enhancement. Each image should have a minimum of 3 enhancements applied to it. Insert the original on the Assignment #9 page with the edited version next to it (on the right).  Then, below the edited version, explain the 3 tools/enhancements used for the image and identify the program/app/extension

  1. Commonly Used Tools: Crop image to better comply with the Rule of Thirds & Add text

2. Commonly Use Tools: Fix the red eyes.

3. Color, Brightness, and Contrast Adjustments: Experiment with program choices

4. Fun/Useful Image Processing Tools: Change image to Sepia tone

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