Assignment #7

Preparing for the Social Media Unit

Today is a day you will use to prepare for several future activities.  You are going to create NEW social media accounts. If you already have an account, that is fine, you must still create NEW ones.  These accounts will be for your class. You want to post items for your client on a NEW account, not an existing account.


You need to select a "client" or a company you will be "working for." You can select your client from the four make-believe companies on this page. You will do several social media activities with the client you choose.  Put the client logo on the top of the Assignment #7 page.


If you are not sure how to create the account, GOOGLE is your friend.


One the tab for assignment 7, create a row of Social Media Icons (or go to Add>Social> Social Bar ) for the platforms listed below) across the top of your page.  Link each icon to the account you create.  I understand some of them can not be created at school.  We call that homework:) 


Create accounts in:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • (any others that you want!)


When you are done, create headers for each account using (here is a cheat sheet that will help you with dimensions if you can't find a template) . Upload the headers for each social media platform to your new accounts.  

If your parents prefer you not have social media accounts, simply have them send me an email indicating their concern.  Although your assignments might be slightly different, you will not be docked points.

If you have problems, please SEARCH GOOGLE.

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