Assignment #18

Video Editing . . .  but more in-depth!

There are four stacks of “flyers “ on the counter.  They each promote one of the marketing classes offered by The Davis Marketing Group.  Look them over and select the one for the class you would like to use as the topic for your next video.


Your next video is one where the quality of the content matters—unlike the first one where I just wanted you to learn a tool.


You will create a 60-90 second video promoting the class you selected. You have three possible targets or audiences for your promotion:

  • Students who can take the class

  • Parents of students who can take the class

  • Counselors who can recommend the class

Look at this article and the infographic that is included.  In particular, look at the key takeaways—these are the keys for you to keep in mind during your creative process.

You can use stock footage (look at the right side of the daily blog for links to several site s for free stock video) or you can create/film your own.

You need some type of audio.  It will be very challenging to create a 60-90 second video with no narration, but I will not require it.  If you do not have narration you will want a music track.  Or you may use both.

You may use ANY video editing tool you choose.

I will have access to email today for questions:

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