Assignment #3

First, you need to read Really Bad PowerPoint and How to Avoid it.


Next, as a table/team you are to read and understand the section of Evaluating Internet Resources that your table has been assigned


Finally, your team is to create a slide deck using Google Slides. The purpose of the slide deck it to help you teach your section of the article to the class.  Follow the guidelines you learned in the eBook by Seth Godin.   Then, each of you (individually) must figure out how to display the slide deck on your website on the Assignment #3 tab.  I do not want a link, I want to be able to see the presentation right on the site.  Is there a way to do that? Yes, there is.  Google is your friend!


Next class, you will project your slide deck from your laptop and give the presentation in class.  Everyone in the group must participate (speak!) in the presentation.

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