Assignment #4

1.  Begin by reading this article on email etiquette. Next, read this.

2. Now, click here and complete the certification. When you are done, enter your name and email and click on GET CERTIFICATE.  

When asked, click DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE. Open the file and take a screenshot of the certificate and post in on the Assignment #4 tab.

3.  Let's make your email look better.  You need to create a professional signature. Go to the Hubspot Signature Generator ( ).  Read the directions carefully and create a professional signature.  It must include an image--either of you or whatever you choose.

Follow the directions to add the signature to your email program.  Then, send me an email as follows:

Send to

Subject Line: 8-Last-Signature

Content: Write to me about anything you want, keeping in mind what you should have learned from the articles above.

All parts of this assignment are due before the class meets on Tuesday.

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