Assignment #17

Video Editing

Today is a mini play-day to discover free web-based video editing programs. 
Here are links to videos in DropBox.  Use these videos to create a NEW video.  You must use some footage from each video.  In addition, you need to find and use STOCK video from the internet and video of you that you record on a mobile device.  Finally, when you have finished the video, modify it with enhancements from  You will end of with ONE video from the 7 different clips!
Here are a few video editing software ideas, but please search out more: WeVideo, Clippchamp, Online Video Cutter
To turn in your assignment.  Embed the video (any method you choose) on the tab for Assignment 17.  Below the video add three things in text: 
  • Name and URL (or link) to the editing program you used.
  • List the editing tools or functions you used.
  • Explain what you added from Typito

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