4th Term Assignments and due dates:
We will begin by finishing up the state requirements. After they are complete we will start watching movies and sharing insights on the leadership principles taught in those movies.
State Performance Objective Assignments
State PO #5 Due Midnight, April 9th
State PO# 7 Due Midnight, April 13th
State PO #8 Due Midnight April 17th
State PO #9 Due Midnight, April 21st
For the "movie assignments", you will select from the list to the right.  If you have another movie you feel would be appropriate, please send the information to me via email.  In the email provide the name of the movie, the MPAA Rating and why you think it is appropriate for our class. Send it to me at ReachMe@TheMarketingTeacher.com
You will watch one movie per week.  After watching each movie you will go to a FlioGrid page and share your movie title and at least three examples of effective leadership you observed in the movie.  Each class member must respond at least once to each posting.  If someone else watches the same movie as you, you still must post your video and share your thoughts.   All videos must be posted by Midnight on Friday of the week.  The class responses and comments are due by Midnight of the following Tuesday.
Movie Week #1(April 27-May 1) FlipGrid link
Movie Week #2 (May 4-8) FlipGrid link
Movie Week #3 (May 11-15) FlipGrid link
Movie Week #4 (May 18-22) FlipGrid link

We are Marshall

The Rookie


Akeelah and the Bee

The Great Debaters

Stand and Deliver


Forever Strong

Glory Road



The Express

Mr. Holland’s Opus

Recently Approved Movies

Ford vs. Ferrari 


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