PURPLE COW . . . This is where it all begins!

(10-12) Semester


What kind of a class is called Purple Cow?  A marketing class.  One that strives to follow the principles found in the book by the same name. A Purple Cow is something remarkable, unique, something that makes a statement.  Forget learning marketing by just reading a book.  How about developing a new product for the Jones Soda Company product mix? What would you think if you could learn about business by doing the marketing for the Dew Tour stop in Salt Lake City?  Do you want to learn how to use your mobile phone, Facebook, and Twitter to market products and services? Sound a little different?  Is should, this CLASS is a Purple Cow! Purple Cow is about the unexpected and unconventional; maybe even the interactive or the viral. Purple Cow is about smarter marketing—not just spending more money.  It’s about being creative and innovative.  It’s disruptive and game changing.


Remember:  one of every five college graduates has a degree in Business—and a lot of them are in the field of Marketing.  Get a head start on the competition while in high school.  Even if college is not in your plans, over half of all jobs are marketing-related.


A practical, hands-on approach, the support of industry experts and emphasis on student-centered discussions highlight the instructional approach used in all Marketing classes. Topics of study include determining how to effectively advertise a product; development of professional sales skills, understanding the purpose of packaging and labeling; and why one brand succeeds and another one fails. In all cases, we focus on the “purple cows” of marketing—remarkable marketing.

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