(10-12) Semester     


The world is going digital, so shouldn’t your classes?  This class, Digital Marketing, explores digital media and how it impacts the world of business. 


You will learn to apply traditional marketing and business principles to the ever-changing digital world.


  • Why is email still so effective in marketing?

  • What is content marketing and why is it the ”next big thing”

  • How can I create a mobile ass and why are push notifications so important?

  • How can I measure of digital marketing works

  • Social media is fun to use, but does it really work in business?

  • What makes a company or brand website effective?

  • Why are images and video so much more effective than text?

  • How can I make money with my new digital marketing skills?

  • How can I start an online business in one hour, at no cost?


The Digital Marketing class is much more about “doing” than “reading about doing.”  It’s about projects and hands-on activities, not tests and quizzes.