(10-12) Semester     

Prerequisite: PURPLE COW


Why are Super Bowl ads so expensive? What makes having your company name on a sports arena worth so much? Who is the best athlete when it comes to being a corporate spokesperson? Is King James the king of endorsements? Who does a better job marketing their sports—BYU or the U of U? Why do the most expensive tickets sell before the “cheap” seats?


When injury or age puts an end to your sports career, there are still several opportunities to make a living in sports.  We will examine the business side of the industry and you will learn sports are about MORE THAN THE SCORE.  Sport is a business.  Students will have the opportunity to learn how teams market and promote themselves and how a business uses sports to increase their profitability.


Class discussions, as well as opportunities to work on a variety of projects, create a balance between “traditional” class work and hands-on activities.   Topics covered include how teams effectively sell tickets; why companies want to be involved in the sports industry; how to make a sporting event entertaining; methods of advertising and promoting a team or event and the use of the web as a marketing tool.