(11-12) Semester     

Prerequisite: PURPLE COW

College credit available to 11th/12th grade students


Beyond the Purple Cow takes you to the next level. To actually creating purple cows.  Beyond the Purple Cow is an in-depth course for those with a serious interest in the field of Marketing and Business. 


Students will develop an individual marketing project based on their personal interests. Topics covered include how to conduct market research; a more detailed study of the marketing mix and professional sales.


The classroom instruction stresses individual projects and requires a student to be self-motivated.  This is about real marketing, creating a true Purple Cow-- a project that will reflect you and your interest in business.


In past years,  students in the course implement grass-roots marketing efforts for The Dew Tour, researched employee development or developed a SoLoMO (social, local, mobile) marketing campaign.  More opportunities such as this await students each year.