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Pick a Marketing Class!


What kind of a class is called Purple Cow?  A marketing class.  One that strives to follow the principles found in the book by the same name. A Purple Cow is something remarkable, unique, something that makes a statement.

Forget learning marketing by just reading a book.  How about developing a new product for the Jones Soda Company product mix? What about learning business by doing the marketing for a local company?  Learn how to use your mobile phone, Facebook and Twitter to market products and services. Sound a little different?  It should, this CLASS is a Purple Cow! Purple Cow is about the unexpected and unconventional; maybe even the interactive or the viral. Purple Cow is about smarter marketing not just spending more money.  It’s about being creative and innovative.  It’s disruptive and game-changing.


Remember:  one of every five college graduates has a degree in Business and a lot of them are in the field of Marketing.  Students can get a head start on the competition while in high school.  Even if college is not in their plans, over half of all jobs are marketing-related.


A practical, hands-on approach, the support of industry experts and an emphasis on student-centered discussions highlight the instructional approach used in all Marketing classes. Topics of study include determining how to effectively advertise a product; development of professional sales skills, understanding the purpose of packaging and labeling; and why one brand succeeds and another fails. In all cases we focus on the purple cows of marketing. 

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Everything is going digital!

Gaming is digital.  We carry a digital smartphone everywhere we go.  We shop digitally on Amazon. We connect with friends through digital social media like Instagram and SnapChat. It's not a fad . . . digital is here to stay.

Business is going digital also.  In the Digital Marketing class, you will discover how businesses use digital tools to be more successful.

You will learn how to use social media, mobile apps, websites, e-commerce, search engines, email and more. You will find out how businesses use mobile marketing, influencer marketing, and chatbots.

Everything is digital.  You can keep up or get left behind.  Enroll in Digital Marketing and see the future of business.


You don’t have to work for somebody else. you can be your own boss.  In YOU, INC. students learn how to start and operate a business and will become aware that there are countless opportunities even for teenagers.  Starting and operating an Internet business will be emphasized.


We will discuss how to select a business to start, the key character traits and attitudes of a successful entrepreneur,  whether you should go it alone or have a partner, how to market and promote your business and product/service, and more.   Projects are personalized to meet the interests of individual students.


The new emphasis will be on helping you become a digital entrepreneur.  You will identify pain points, select products to sell, find sources for them and build a full-functioning eCommerce website.  Want to actually make money while in class?  That is entirely up to you!


YOU, INC. is designed for students who have an interest in being their own boss.

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When injury or age put an end to a sports career, there are still several opportunities to make a living in sports.  We will examine the business side of the industry and you will learn sports is about MORE THAN THE SCORE.  Sport is a business.  Students will have the opportunity to learn how teams market and promote themselves and how a business uses sports to increase their profitability.

Why are Super Bowl ads so expensive? What makes having your company name on a sports arena worth so much? Who is the best athlete when it comes to being a corporate spokesperson? Is King James the king of endorsements? Who does a better job marketing sports-- BYU, WSU, USU or the U of U? Why do the most expensive tickets sell before the cheap seats?


Class discussions, as well as opportunities to work on a variety of projects, create a balance between traditional class work and hands-on activities.   Topics covered include how teams effectively sell tickets; why companies want to be involved in the sports industry; how to make a sporting event entertaining; methods of advertising and promoting a team or event and the use of the web as a marketing tool.

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The Travel and Tourism course provides the student with an understanding of one of the largest industries in the world. Specific applications include the evolution of the tourism industry, destination geography, methods of travel (airlines, automobiles, trains, cruising), hospitality, tours, marketing, and sales. This class is an activity-oriented course that focuses on the Travel and Tourism industry. The course will include an understanding of:


  • The importance of the Tourism/Hospitality Industry

  • The nature of Tourism/Hospitality

  • The importance of the industry to the local/global economy, culture, etc.

  • The lodging industry including destination marketing and destination appeal

  • The different types of transportation: airlines, automobile, train, and cruising

  • The many career opportunities that are available in the field and career preparation

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