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DIGITAL BUSINESS TECH (Fulfills Digital Studies Requirement)

The Digital Business Applications course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to be an asset to today and tomorrow's collaborative, global, and innovative business world. Concepts include the overall digital experience, digital communications with audio and video, and the exploration of career choices. This course also provides an understanding of business concepts and professional development in today’s global office. The course will include an understanding of:


  • The use of several software packages to develop skills that can prepare students for entry-level positions and other occupational/educational goals.

  • The skills to assist students in navigating the Internet, Google, Facebook, and other social media applications to explore how the business industry uses these tools to further business ventures.

  • The practical experience students will acquire in professionalism using various forms of presentation skills, including speaking, podcasting, and creating a digital portfolio.



BUSINESS OFFICE SPECIALIST CE — Semester Class / Digital Studies and/or CTE Credit College and Career Preparation / Microsoft (MOS) Certification 

*Weber State CE — 11th & 12th-grade students (3-semester credits) 

Everyone benefits from this course, no matter what your future includes: technology or university training, getting a job, or owning a business. You will gain expertise in software applications that are used daily in the business world. 

You will use the Microsoft Office Suite to … 

  • Produce newsletters, mail merges and other Word documents 

  • Generate Works Cited and Bibliographies easily using reference tab in Word 

  • Create formulas, charts, and use other advanced features in Excel 

  • Design presentations using Slide Master, hyperlinks, and actions buttons in PowerPoint  

You will also have the opportunity to … 

  • Earn Microsoft Office Suite (MOS) Certification for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 

  • Earn Utah skill certification upon successful completion of state competencies 



ACCOUNTING 1 — Semester Class / CTE Credit / 3rd-year math credit 

Accounting is for everyone! Everyone will work in a business someday, and everyone loves making money! You will have a better understanding of how a business operates and how to keep track of the money. Accounting is especially for you if your future includes a business major or if you are an entrepreneur operating your own business.  

You will … 

  • Use the computer to create business records 

  • Manage the money for a small, one-owner service business 

  • Analyze daily business transactions 

  • Track earnings and expenses 

  • Determine profit or loss 

  • Manage a business checking account 

You will also … 

  • Have the skills to help you get a great part-time job as an accounting clerk 

  • Be prepared to ace your college accounting courses 

  • Earn Utah skill certification upon successful completion of state competencies 

Accounting 2 second semester is strongly recommended for further job and college preparedness and to fulfill the math credit. FBLA Membership is encouraged. 




ACCOUNTING 2 — Semester Class / CTE Credit / 3rd-year math credit 

Prerequisite: Accounting 1 

You will manage the earnings and expenses for a merchandising corporation; you will have a better understanding of how a corporation operates in the business world.  

You will …  

  • Create and maintain employee payroll records 

  • Use computer to journalize sales, cash receipts, purchases, and cash payments transactions for purchase and sale of merchandise 

  • Adjust accounts at end of fiscal period, including depreciation of assets and uncollectible accounts 

  • Analyze corporate financial statements 

You will also … 

  • Be more prepared to land a great accounting clerk job 

  • Be more prepared to ace your college accounting courses 

  • Earn Utah skill certification upon successful completion of state competencies 

Advanced Accounting is strongly recommended for anyone planning a business major in college or for entrepreneurs who are operating their own businesses. 




ADVANCED ACCOUNTING — Full-Year Class / CTE Credit / College and Career Preparation 

Prerequisite: Accounting 1 & 2 

You will manage more in-depth accounting procedures for a publicly-traded merchandising corporation; you will also explore cost accounting procedures for a manufacturing business. 

You will analyze transactions for … 

  • Current assets (including notes receivable and collection of interest) 

  • Long-term and intangible assets (including buildings, land, corporate organization costs) 

  • Current liabilities (interest-bearing and noninterest-bearing notes) 

  • Long-term liabilities (mortgages and bonds) 

  • Adjusting entries and the concept of accruals and deferrals 

  • Stock issues (par, no-par, common, and preferred stock) 

  • Dividend payments to stockholders 

You will also … 

  • Analyze and interpret corporate financial statements including ratio analysis 

  • Explore managing the costs of manufacturing a product: raw materials, work in process, finished goods 

  • Explore cost accounting principles and examine how to set prices and analyze fixed and variable costs 

  • Earn Utah skill certification upon successful completion of state competencies 


You are highly skilled and employable and prepared to ace your college accounting classes! 




Business communication impacts all aspects of our lives. You will learn to communicate in a clear, courteous, concise, complete and correct manner on both personal and professional levels. Competency will be developed in oral, written, interpersonal, technological, and employment communication. Listening skills will be incorporated throughout the semester. The overriding goal is to provide students with a solid communication base, so they are able to communicate effectively. 



CE Business Management (BSAD 1010) – Weber State University


Business is a dynamic and vital wealth generator in today’s modern economy. This course will expose you to all of the major functions in business. My goal is to . . .


Provide a thorough overview of business for all students, whether you are interested in a field of business as a career or are simply interested in learning a little about how modern businesses work. Learning the fundamentals of business is important to any student in any major.


Cultivate an engaging learning environment to help you decide whether a career in business makes sense for you or which area of business will provide the career opportunities you are seeking. Business majors receive some of the highest salaries of all graduates.


Open to sophomore enrollment!!

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